Why choose an MSP to manage your IT network?

Remote server monitoring
Remote hardware monitoring
is an increasingly convenient and economical way for businesses to enjoy the benefits of the latest technology, without having to employ the highly qualified IT staff required to administrate it.  The services are provided through your network, rather than the more traditional route of an on-site tech-team.  If the IT-decision maker at your company takes the time to find the right managed services provider (MSP) for your company’s needs, you can achieve a more favorable Return on Investment (ROI) and enjoy expert assistance into the bargain.

A major benefit of MSPs, for companies of all sizes, is the speed at which repairs are carried out and the availability of tech staff when you need help with an IT problem.  In today’s tech-based world, most companies will freely admit they rely heavily on their IT system, down time is never welcome, but it’s far less likely to occur when you’re using an MSP.  Your infrastructure is monitored on a live system, allowing your vendor to identify and eradicate potential problems, before they are in a position to impact on your business.

When you approach a managed service provider, they will offer a virtual menu, allowing you to cherry pick the most useful services and set the boundaries of your contract.  This custom built approach, means businesses have the opportunity to select certain key elements on offer from the vendor, ensuring that areas of weakness are covered, but aspects that you can confidently handle, remain in-house.

Alternatively, you can go for the complete package, where your company’s entire IT infrastructure is outsourced.  Blanket coverage means no surprise maintenance costs, or call out charges.  Enabling this form of “pick and mix” approach ensures clients only pay for what they need, rather than receiving a monthly bill that includes charges for a plethora of extraneous services.

Remote Hardware Monitoring for Less than $1/day

It has become possible now for even small businesses to take advantage of MSP resources that were once thought to be only for large companies.  Remote Server Monitoring for less than $1/day is now a reality, and can save a small business owner much worry and stress at a rate affordable to all.

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