Are you the one everyone looks to when your MicroSoft Exchange server goes down?

Server Support: MicroSoft Exchange Server SupportThis whitepaper with forward by MicroSoft Exchange MVP Mark Arnold will give you three best practices to help you bring Exchange server downtime to a minimum.

Does your backup plan take the entire Exchange environment into account?  And is backup enough?

When you consider e-mail as a mission critical service, it’s obvious that the application and the components supporting the services are therefore mission critical. It’s all or nothing. One weak link in an environment can cause frequent outages.

Despite the use of the best backup software with the best process and controls, having your data on hand doesn’t get an Exchange server restored and up and running. Many outages result in hardware or software failure. This means that the application environment that hosts the Exchange server must be rebuilt and/or repaired. Complex Windows server environments require several configuration settings, security patches, and drivers that must be manually applied in a specific order. This takes time. As the clock ticks on while you’re rebuilding the server, business users go idle and productivity grinds to a halt.

Learn how you can prevent this from happening in your organization –

Messaging has rapidly become the one, true business critical application in use today by many, probably most, enterprises. Even more so than Enterprise Resource Planning or other cross-business applications, any failure in the messaging system is noticed by, and affects everyone. Learn how to proactively approach disaster recovery for Microsoft Exchange.

The first step is to understand your business’s key objectives. How long can you really be without access to your e-mail system? And how much data loss can you endure? The answers to these questions reveal that reducing the duration of an outage and the amount of effort a restore takes must be a priority. With a backup and recovery plan in place that incorporates protecting the entire environment, creating frequent recovery points, and checking each recovery point for corruption, you’ll have a sure-fire way to maintain an efficiently running Exchange infrastructure and your on-the-job sanity.

Written by MicroSoft Exchange MVP Mark Arnold and AppAssure, this white paper from AppAssure Software will also discuss how to augment your data backups with AppAssure software, offered by Great Lakes Computer as an Authorized AppAssure Partner.

AppAssure is the #1 unified backup & replication software for virtual, physical and cloud environments. This multiple award-winning and customer-proven software recovers virtual and physical servers, applications and data in minutes instead of days or hours, and deduplication costs will be a thing of the past.

AppAssure is the only “all-in-one” data backup and disaster recovery software for both physical and virtual environments that saves time and money by:

    • Performing backup and recovery 12 times faster than traditional backup solutions
    • Reducing storage costs by 80% with built-in data deduplication
    • Consolidating disparate backup and recovery solutions to recover from any type of outage
    • Eliminating data loss caused by long backup windows through incremental forever snapshots
    • Simplifying the management of your backups

AppAssure’s innovative and groundbreaking technologies assure 100% reliability of recovery and goes beyond just protecting data to protecting entire applications. It also supports multihypervisor environments including VMware vSphere / ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer. AppAssure is an Elite VMware Technology Alliance Partner and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

With more than 6,000 customers, partners and service providers in over 50 countries and over 3,000% growth in three years, AppAssure is the world’s fastest growing backup software company as ranked by Inc. Magazine.

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