IT Support For Manufacturers #2

IT Support For Manufacturers #2

Helping manufacturers take care of business

Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio is growing. So are the challenges you must overcome to ensure that growth. We help you focus on innovation by ensuring your IT systems are operational, updated and safe. With our IT support you’ll be able to keep the machines functioning that keep your machines functioning!

2019 brings renewed optimism in the manufacturing sector. In the latest Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey from the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), manufacturers continued to report strong growth in activity, with the sector remaining one of the brightest spots in the economy.

That said, the NAM survey reports a number of key challenges (Figure 6) manufacturers must overcome to keep their growth plans on track.

Our suite of IT support services help manufacturers address these challenges by removing the time drain associated with IT problems. Every minute you spend on IT support related issues robs you of of the time needed to move your business forward. We can help you manage, secure and maintain your technology assets.

managed it support


Adopting a managed services relationship with Great Lakes is an efficient way to stay up-to-date on technology, gain access to developing knowledge and evolving skills and address issues related your IT up-time.


data security


Our data protection and security services lower your risk, secure your data and systems, and ensure comprehensive restoration should you need it. We offer a full range of security from antivirus to data backup.


computer repair IT support


Whether your equipment is new or nearing the end of its lifespan, our expert technicians can meet your needs for computer repair and IT system maintenance with the same, and often better, service as your original equipment suppliers.



We have been very impressed with their support, responsiveness, knowledge,
and expedient service not only with their field engineers but also with their help desk and support staff.
We are pleased and confident in extending our highest recommendations for Great Lakes Computer.


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