Managed print services gaining acceptance

Managed Print ServicesManaged print services have been around for over a decade now and they are currently reaching the point where they will become the norm for commercial enterprises.

More companies are choosing to monitor their document management and print services remotely in an attempt to control costs and maximize efficiency.  According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the uptake in managed print services is now reaching an inflection point where it will move from being an option for companies to use them, to becoming a choice between service providers.

Companies until this point had been slow on the uptake, but vendors have been responding to the inevitable decline in print services since technology became more mobile, leading inevitably to users printing less often and using electronic copies rather than hard copies.

The print vendors recognized that remotely managed print services hold many advantages that are associated with other managed services.  Such advantages are recurring revenue, better ability to scale service to the client base, and a more complete relationship with customers – meaning that the service is tailored to the individual needs rather than a rigid service plan.

The advantages to users are a sure-fire winner, although it has taken some time for the need to modernize to reach users – with most, until recently, preferring to stick to traditional purchase models that leave the company responsible for equipment upkeep.  Managed print services remove the worry of consumables and equipment failures or paper jams, so that costs can be controlled more efficiently.

Holly Muscolino, Research Director of Document Solutions at IDC, says: “The MPDS market is at an inflection point, particularly in the developed, enterprise markets.  In those markets, penetration is relatively high, and it’s increasingly difficult for vendors to differentiate their services and supporting technologies.  Hardcopy vendors must strive to develop unique services portfolios that entice enterprise customers, drive adoption, and will ultimately result in increased revenues.”

Law Firms a Huge Adopter of Managed Print Services

Law firms, with their unique printing needs, often times requiring huge amounts of print and copies daily, have been one of the biggest adopters of the managed print products available in today’s market.  To learn more about the way law firms have used Managed Print Services to gain a competitive edge, download our eBook: Technology in Today’s Law Firm.

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