Dell Whitepaper “How a Server Can Deliver for Your Business” Provides Examples for Law Firms

Law Firm IT SupportDell recently produced the whitepaper “How a Server Can Deliver for Your Business”, and there are a few areas to share with SMB’s, and especially law firms.  The whitepaper provides 4 examples in the following industries:  Consultants, Medical Practices, Restaurants, and Sports Wholesalers.

While many of our clients can learn from these examples, the Business Consultants and Medical Practice examples are the most applicable to legal practices.  In many ways, a medical practice operates similar to a law firm in the sense that certain information is proprietary, and it is imperative to control access to particular files depending on position within the practice.  Additionally, data loss prevention is paramount to the success of a legal practice, due to the similar issue of malpractice that medical practices deal with.  This is where a robust server confirguration comes into play.

This is a quick-read whitepaper from Dell, but can re-affirm your decisions into investing in a server:

“Buying a server is a logical step for many companies that want to better organize their data and improve access to shared resources. In fact, servers are the second most important IT focus for small and midsize businesses in 2013, according to research1 by the software development company Spiceworks.” Read more and download white paper here.

Free eBook: Technology in Today’s Law Firm

For more information about law firms and their use of managed IT services, check out our ebook: “Technology in Today’s Law Firm.”  This eBook, prepared by Great Lakes Computer, guides you through the complexities law firms face in today’s ever changing world of technology.

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