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Laser Printer Repair Cleveland OhioWhen the print quality on your laser printer begins to deteriorate, you should check the condition of the print cartridges. When the amount of ink in the print cartridge drops, the quality of the output will suffer and continue to deteriorate until the cartridge is changed.

Sometimes, however, changing the print cartridge will actually make things worse. If you find yourself unable to print after installing a new cartridge in your laser printer, it is important to use a step by step approach to troubleshooting, since a number of simple things can cause this problem.

1)  Start by lifting the top cover of the laser printer. Remove the new toner cartridge and set it aside. Look carefully for any protective tape and packing supplies that were used to protect the toner cartridge in transit.

2)  Remove the clear protective tape covering the bottom of the print cartridge. Also pull the tab at the side of the print cartridge to remove the toner. This tab is used to prevent leakage during shipment, and if it is not removed no toner can reach the paper.

3)  Lift the flap on the bottom of the laser printer toner cartridge if the tape has been removed and the printouts are still blank. Clean the cartridge with a soft cloth and place it back in the machine.

4)  Clean the interior of the laser printer if the quality of the printouts is still unacceptable. Vacuum the interior of the printer with a small vacuum cleaner and a crevice tool. Continue cleaning the printer until all paper dust and toner residue are removed. If the quality of the printouts is still unacceptable, you have a bad toner cartridge and you should return it to the place of purchase for a refund or a replacement.

If you’re still having problems, it may be time to call on a professional.  Great Lakes Computer is one of only a few computer repair services in the Cleveland, Ohio area who specialize in printer repair and plotter repair.  We exclusively service small to mid-sized businesses, not residential, so you can be assured that we will handle your printer repair with the urgency that your business demands.

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