BYODIf you have not adopted a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for your business, you may no longer have the luxury of delaying.  According to the article, Business trends for 2015: the mobile workforce and BYOD maturing, employee demand will be the main component of growth for BYOD:

In 2015, technology, more than ever, will be expected to keep up with business growth, the need for transformation, but most of all, employees’ demands. In the last five years, it’s been challenging for businesses to keep up with the rate at which technology has evolved, but now the tables have turned.

Employees’ expectations around having the freedom to choose the type of device and operating system they use for work, as well as capability for fast, seamless delivery of content and information, continues to increase at a rapid pace due to device innovation and increasing 4G coverage.

The projected uptake of tablets, in particular, will be a strong example of these growing consumer expectations as these devices become even more prominent within large and small businesses, as well as across the public sector.

Tablets provide greater ease and portability than a traditional laptop, and this combined with people’s ever increasing demand for high speed access to information anytime, anywhere, is expected to drive wider adoption across all business sectors through 2015.

Therefore, by acknowledging employees’ desires for ‘bring your own’ tablets, and organizations ensuring they are able to offer staff the devices and systems they prefer and need to be more productive, businesses can support the wider trend while fostering greater information sharing and cost efficiencies across the company.

To read more about BYOD, read our blog article: BYOD: Companies are inviting staff to bring their own computer to work.  And to learn more about implementing a BYOD policy for your company, let us help!

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