How Hackers Erased a Digital Life in an Hour…

matHonan v4edit resized 600When tech writer Mat Honan of Gadget Lab, a regular to the Wired blog, lost all of his digital life in the span of an hour, it should be a wake up call to everyone to increase their data security to new heights.

Check out Mat’s story about his epic hacking, and consider what would you do if you lost all of your photos, email, contacts, and documents on not only your PC, but your mobile phone and all devices connected on your physical and cloud networks.  Then consider the havoc these hackers can wreak on your life when they post inappropriate comments posing as you on Facebook, or make purchases using your information.

After reading this man’s story, someone who is known for (and paid for) being tech-savvy, you will agree it is time to stop delaying adding additional security measures to your digital life as well as your home and corporate network.  And perhaps you will not delay any longer backing up all those files and photos!

Hackers can wreak havoc on your Small Business as well…

It only takes one computer on your network to have a security breach that can cause your whole network pain.  Over 80% of small businesses that experienced a data breach go bankrupt or suffer severe financial losses within two years of the incident.  Are you certain your computer data is secure?  Great Lakes Computers offers state of the art antivirus, anti-malware, spyware prevention & removal, data backup and disaster recovery services that will give you peace of mind.

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