What is an IT Assessment?
By Darryl Brooks

IT Assessment, IT Risk AssessmentThis article will answer the question, “What is an IT assessment?” An IT assessment is a comprehensive and thorough review of a company’s technology systems and environment and will result in a written evaluation and recommendation. The assessment will appraise how your technology helps or hinders your core business and recommend how to use technology to meet your business’ goals and objectives. The assessment can include, but is not limited to, network and systems performance, software audits, concept testing and development, strategic evaluations, technical reviews, and serve as an IT risk assessment for better risk management.

An IT system isn’t just technology for technology’s sake. Technology should help meet specific business goals and provide value. An IT assessment can make sure that the technology is meeting these goals, or provide a blueprint for improving the technology and a specific and measurable template for achieving business objectives. It can also ensure that technology and security is in compliance with government guidelines and best practices.

Any business in today’s environment is running on a network of connected computers, servers, printers, and other hardware. The network is the backbone of the entire enterprise and can be a major bottleneck in business applications. An IT assessment will provide a network performance review and make recommendations based on traffic, errors, packet loss, and conflicts that can bring a business network to a halt. Investing in the latest computers and servers is a waste of money if it is attached to a sub-optimal network.

Software that is out of license compliance or copied illegally can cause huge fines and penalties to a business. An IT assessment will evaluate the existing software for compliance and create an audit process for future software. A software audit now as part of an IT assessment is much more cost effective than an audit later by a software company.

Security of data is key to any business. Proper security measures not only protect the data from outside hackers, but the ability to demonstrate good security is essential for new sales and customer retention. An IT risk assessment will evaluate and make recommendations to close holes in security and help create a bulletproof computing environment for critical data security.

Finally, business continuity is a significant part of any good business plan. In the event of a disaster, the technology must be able to continue operating so that day to day business can continue. Proper data backup procedures, redundant systems, and recovery methods must be in place. An IT assessment can provide a disaster recovery plan to ensure that the business continues in the event of anything from a small electrical problem to a major disaster.

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