Managed Print Services

80% of the Total Cost of Ownership of a Printer is from costs incurred after the purchase.

Unauthorized or unnecessary printing can be the silent killer of profitability.  Do you REALLY know how much these print costs are cutting into your bottom line?

Some things to consider about your printing costs:

  • Gartner Group found that most companies are spending around 3% of their total annual costs on their printing system, and that the mismanagement of output fleets (copiers, printers,fax machines) can cost an enterprise somewhere between 1-3% percent of revenue annually.
  • Global intelligence analysts IDC revealed that a managed print services operation can save businesses in the region of 28% on their printing budget.
  • According to a Citigroup-Environmental Defense study, the actual cost of printing is 13 to 31 times the purchase price of the paper used, or somewhere between $.06 and $.13 per page. At the low end of that range, the average employee’s printing costs the company $600 per year and at the high end $1,300. A substantial portion of this cost goes to pages employees never even intended to print.

We’re so confident we can save you money, we’ll give you a FREE TONER CARTRIDGE just for signing!

Does it seem like your computer printers are too often out of commission due to supplies or printer repair / service issues?  How accurately can you predict supply and printer maintenance requirements?  Do you have the information  to manage print volumes for efficiently and reduce your cost to print?

With IT budgets shrinking, our Managed Print Services are ideal for saving you money and time printers require to maintain and operate.  Ideal for businesses with remote printers, multiple locations, and whose business functions rely on printed materials.

Printer Issues are the Highest Volume of Help Desk Calls

Computer printer issues are the single largest category of help desk calls and are one of the top five expenses to most businesses, and rapidly rising. To manage print properly, you need a focused and coordinated Managed Print Service program run by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Why Managed Print Services?

Through our Managed Print Service, we will examine your document reproduction needs, streamline your work flow, and minimize your print costs by optimizing your print processes, helping you get the most out of this critical business function.

This service by GLC includes Toner along with repair and maintenance services, all for about the same amount you’re paying for an OEM Toner alone!

What you can expect:

  • All inclusive plan: everything is included except the paper (i.e. toner, maintenance kits, all parts, labor, etc)
  • Lower print costs with 10 – 30% savings on overall printing costs.
  • The program is billed on a “per page” basis, which means how much you pay per month will depend upon how much you print.
  • Preventative printer maintenance to increase uptime and reduce printer repair service calls.
  • Automated print supply ordering and trouble notification.
  • Precise management of print resources to control and reduce print cost.

Your printers are monitored remotely, enabling us to catch problems early and resolve them more efficiently. We monitor the toner level of a printer, any errors that are generated, as well as the page count. GLC can then produce various reports with information that gives you a better overview of your print operations, plus insights as to how you can further reduce your costs.

Let us take a look at your current print operations, and help identify where you can save – schedule a free, no obligation assessment today.

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