Cleveland OH Computer Depot Repair Services

Cleveland OH Computer Depot Repair Services

Depot Services for Cleveland Ohio Computer Repair, PC and Printer Repair

Are you interested in the MOST COST EFFECTIVE way to handle computer repair for your PC, Laptop, or printer?

Do you have remote offices and don’t want your people spending their time handling computer repair again?

Can you “do without” your device for one or two days?

Do you need a speedy replacement computer or printer while your device is being repaired?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you are a candidate for Great Lakes Depot Computer Repair Service.

The Depot Repair program enables you to drop off or ship in the device which needs repaired. Our IT Support team diagnoses and corrects the problem within one to two days. SIMPLE, QUICK and EASY

We offer Depot Repair Services for the following device types:

PCs & Servers   Laptops   Scanners
  Printers   Printek Printers   Point-of-Sale

Depot Computer Repair Service Levels

Great Lakes Computer offers three service levels for the Depot Computer Repair Program:

Repair-and-Return—When time is not the critical consideration and the original unit is needed, Great Lakes Computer’s repair-and-return service is the most cost-effective solution. Simply ship the inoperable unit to our depot computer repair center where skilled computer repair technicians repair the equipment to the OEM specificiations, then return the unit promptly.

Equipment Exchange—This popular program gives customers quick and easy access to a preconfigured, plug-and-play supply of computer equipment. Like-for-like replacements are guaranteed by the next business day.

Loaner Program—Combining elements of both the Equipment Exchange and Repair-and-Return options, this program is ideal for customers who must maximize uptime, yet who also require the same serial-numbered unit to be returned.

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