Office MoveMoving an office is a big job. Not only do you have to pack, move, and unpack all of of your furniture and equipment, but you have to do it fast enough to limit the downtime to your customers. Every minute you’re not open, you’re losing money. When preparing for an office move, you need to have a thorough plan. There are a million issues to consider and each item you don’t plan for ends up as a headache later. Here are some insider tips to keep in mind when you’re planning your next relocation.

    • Decide what level of moving service you are going to use. What level of involvement will your staff have in the actual move? If you want to limit it, a full-service moving company is the way to go. They will have a moving coordinator to help through the whole process. Be sure to get quotes from several companies as service offerings and pricing can vary widely.
    • Let your employees know as early as possible. This will allow them time to look at their piece of the office and evaluate what their needs will be in the new space.
    • Plan the new space before you show up with your stuff. Know the measurements of every room, how wide the doors are, and where all the outlets and cables are located. Then draw up a plan where every piece of equipment should go. You can always adjust later once you’re in the space, but you need to prepare to hit the ground running.
    • Encourage everyone to use the time before the office move to clean out files and broken equipment. No sense paying to move anything you don’t need.
    • Make a list of all marketing content and printed materials that have your old address on them and have a plan to get all of it updated so it’s all ready upon arrival.
    • Notify customers and vendors about the move. If you’re moving because your business is growing, this is a great message to pass on to clients, and perhaps a good time to renegotiate with vendors.

Relocating offices is a big job. Moving your IT is a huge, and complicated, piece of that. Your servers, computers, laptops, and printers are the lifeblood of your business. If you want to be sure your data and equipment make it safely and quickly from point A to point B, call the office moving experts at Great Lakes Computer. We will backup your data, pack up your equipment, move it to the new location, unpack it and get you up and running quickly. We will be on-site to troubleshoot any hiccups that arise at the new location as well. Let us help you reduce the headache and avoid costly downtime.