Improving company efficiency with managed print services

Managed Print ServicesNot so very long ago, the computer revolution was holding out the promise of a truly paperless office.  All the information individuals needed, the conventional wisdom went, would be held in data systems and could be instantly called up onto video screens when needed, while sophisticated spreadsheet and analysis software would be able to crunch and disaggregate all this information in increasingly useful ways.

As any CIO knows, the promise of the paperless office has never materialized.  Instead, the trend toward computerization actually drove businesses in the opposite direction.  As producing professional-looking reports and documents became a task that could be handled entirely in-house, the modern office became more inundated with paper than ever before.  Businesses had to gradually increase their budgets for clerical functions in order to supply the organization with enough printers, ink, toner, paper, and other supplies to meet this need.

This trend has continued to accelerate, with the predictable result that printing budgets in many companies are out of control.  One simple way to rein them in is to transition to a managed print services approach.  Not only does this approach deliver significant cost savings, but it can also improve the quality control of print jobs.

What are managed print services?

The term “managed print services” generally refers to the unified management of hardware used to produce documents.  Such hardware includes not just the traditional laser printer, but also copy machines, fax machines, and multifunction devices such as all-in-one fax/scanner/printer combinations.  Companies using managed print services most often contract with an outside vendor to perform this function.

Managed print services contractors produce business efficiencies and cost savings in several ways.  They proactively maintain hardware, providing print services so that company downtime can be minimized.  They furnish the organization with consolidated bills that involve simply invoicing, and in some cases, eliminating a host of supply-purchasing needs related to print functions.  Contractors also optimize the print environment to be as streamlined as possible, sometimes providing specialized software applications that can further this optimization.

Managed Print Services will Save You Money

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