Data Deduplication and Data RecoveryAre you paying double or triple for data backup due to duplicate data?

This whitepaper explains the hidden “multiplier effect” of not taking data deduplication seriously.  Find out how duplicate data can be pushing your data backup costs sky high.

What is the real cost of duplicate data backup?

The cost of continually backing up the same data is clear with this example from a article entitled “Reduce Storage Costs Through Data Deduplication” (July 2007). The article considers a 10MB PowerPoint file that has been sent to 100 people as an email attachment. When the nightly Microsoft Exchange backup runs, that one file will take up 1 GB of storage space. If that 1 GB of storage (which is just one file repeated 100 times) is backed up every week, it will consume 52 GB of storage space in a year.

That simple example shows the multiplier effect of backing up redundant data. And, of course, that multiplier effect works on the costs that go into the creation and use of redundant tape backups.

Learn how you can prevent this from happening in your organization –

Data backup and storage is imperative for any business. Not only does lost data equal lost work, compliance mandates require that data be kept for long periods of time. That’s why every business has some backup and storage process that takes periodic (daily, weekly, etc.) snapshots of data from any number of business systems including Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server, corporate websites, financial and human resources systems, and more.

The big question every IT manager has to ask him or herself is: what am I backing up? Chances are, they are backing up the same data – email messages that have been loitering in mailboxes for months, sales transactions from weeks ago, patient records that haven’t been purged, performance reviews from last year-over and over again. Whatever was in the database and got backed up yesterday got backed up again today and will get backed up again tomorrow and forever more until it’s not in the database anymore.

All that redundant data leads to mounting costs without yielding any increase in benefit.

Written by Dr. Srinidhi Varadarajan, this white paper from AppAssure Software will also discuss how to streamline your data backups with AppAssure software, offered by Great Lakes Computer as an Authorized AppAssure Partner.

AppAssure is the #1 unified backup & replication software for virtual, physical and cloud environments. This multiple award-winning and customer-proven software recovers virtual and physical servers, applications and data in minutes instead of days or hours, and deduplication costs will be a thing of the past.

AppAssure is the only “all-in-one” data backup and disaster recovery software for both physical and virtual environments that saves time and money by:

    • Performing backup and recovery 12 times faster than traditional backup solutions
    • Reducing storage costs by 80% with built-in data deduplication
    • Consolidating disparate backup and recovery solutions to recover from any type of outage
    • Eliminating data loss caused by long backup windows through incremental forever snapshots
    • Simplifying the management of your backups

AppAssure’s innovative and groundbreaking technologies assure 100% reliability of recovery and goes beyond just protecting data to protecting entire applications. It also supports multihypervisor environments including VMware vSphere / ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer. AppAssure is an Elite VMware Technology Alliance Partner and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

With more than 6,000 customers, partners and service providers in over 50 countries and over 3,000% growth in three years, AppAssure is the world’s fastest growing backup software company as ranked by Inc. Magazine.

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