Why you should update your data recovery plans

Organizations have had decades of experience in planning for disaster recovery.

• We know where the tapes are kept.

• We have spare server hardware on hand.

• We’ve protected installation media in a fire safe.

• We have off-site copies of key backups.

• And – if we’re smart – we’ve made plans with an alternate facility to host services after a loss.

But there’s a problem here: These are the decades-old plans of a decades-old IT industry.

Business has changed since then, and so has business technology. Virtualization in particular offers a way to completely revise the way we consider disaster recovery. If we’re doing things right, we can be back online in minutes and hours, not days and weeks. We can enjoy less data at-risk than ever before.

Even better, today’s technologies enable these Disaster Recovery capabilities for the smallest IT shop just as easily as the biggest enterprise. It’s all about having the right disaster recovery solution, and the right approach in using it.

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