Managed Print for Dental Services GroupDental Services Group, a network of over 30 North American laboratories, provides dentists with the personal relationship and care of a local laboratory, combined with the technical expertise and full suite of offerings of a national laboratory.  With 100+ geographically dispersed laser printers of various types and conditions, help desk support and supply management became a huge headache.

With 28 locations across the United States, Dental Services Group experienced great challenges with their print environment.  Each lab was responsible for procuring their own printer and toner, and expenses varied widely site to site.  When something went wrong, the lab techs didn’t know who to call for service, and oftentimes, headquarters had to locate a print repair company in a hurry, paying high prices for non-contracted services.

In other instances, labs signed contracts for services, and keeping track and documenting each of these with accounts payable was a hassle, and made the whole printing portion of their IT environment very painful to manage.

Dental Services Group turned to Great Lakes Computer for their Managed Print Services.  Having one vendor for their printer and printing needs across all locations allowed a level of standardization that simplified the whole process.

Through this service, GLC provides Dental Services Group with:

    • A central Point-of-Contact with one number to call for support.
    • The ability to better manage print expenses.
    • A simple procurement process that eliminates the need to worry about varied supply costs.
    • Detailed reports that will enable Dental Services Group to determine what internal processes can go “paperless,” further reducing expenditures.

Dental Services Group now has a standardized system for all their printing needs.  Every location has one phone number to call if there is a problem, and the support and billing process is seamless.  They’ve found Great Lakes Computer to have a “very positive, customer focused staff, and very easy to deal with,” according to Steve Johnson, Systems Director for Dental Services Group.

An added bonus Dental Services Group didn’t expect to gain was that their printing expense is now completely transparent.  They can now begin to strategize where it makes sense to go paperless, whereas prior to implementation, they had no way of knowing the total costs associated with their entire print network.  According to Johnson: “Great Lakes Computer’s Managed Print Services has allowed us to fully understand our true print costs, and has given us the ability to focus our efforts on reducing overall costs across our entire IT environment.”

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