AppAssure named the superior product by Dell

describe the imageDell Computers made network server backup news this week in none other than Paris, France when the company announced robust support for AppAssure, which Dell purchased in July 2012. The fate of other backup appliances in the Dell lineup has been in question ever since that time. Now, Dell has made it clear that it regards AppAssure as a superior product by saying that it will no longer support the company’s main backup appliance alternative. The announcement came at the company’s official Storage Forum.

AppAssure is a software package that takes network backup protection to the next level by providing continuous data protection. Now, Dell hopes to build on the success of AppAssure by releasing a new AppAssure appliance known as the DL4000.

Intended for small- and medium-sized businesses in particular, the DL4000 AppAssure Appliance uses advanced disaster recovery techniques including snapshots, deduplication, compression, and replication and is capable of extending backup and disaster recovery to virtual machines as well as physical ones.

AppAssure can be deployed independent of this specific hardware appliance, however. SMBs using AppAssure deployed on alternate hardware are still able to take advantage of the software’s key features.  These include Live Recovery, which provides for quick restoration of operations so that data loss can be minimized or even eliminated. With Live Recovery, recovery time objectives can be reduced to mere seconds and recovery point objectives may be complete in a matter of minutes.

AppAssure also provides small and medium businesses with its trademarked Assured Recovery system, which helps maintain data integrity by providing daily validation and verification of both applications and data. This helps to ensure that the current backup file for the network will be 100% recoverable should it be needed for disaster recovery purposes.

AppAssure also stands out in terms of its scalability so that as data grows, the backup system can easily adjust to increased demands and continue offering SMBs full protection.

Great Lakes Computer is an Authorized Partner of Dell AppAssure

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