AppAssure offers disaster recovery in diverse SMB computing environments

Dell AppAssureSome network server backup solutions specialize in providing excellent disaster recovery only for a single computing environment.  While this might have been adequate in previous generations when the same technological paradigm tended to prevail at most small- and medium-sized businesses, it is no longer a satisfactory approach to backup and disaster recovery.  Today’s SMBs may be using a traditional physical computing environment, or they may have extended their data capabilities through the use of innovative IT solutions such as virtual servers and cloud computing.  AppAssure is a backup and disaster recovery product that is able to handle the particular needs of all of these types of environments.

Speed matters

The old adage that insists that “time is money,” is, like much traditional wisdom, spot on.  SMBs need a backup and disaster recovery solution that will do its job efficiently and without getting in the way of daily workflow.  AppAssure meets this need admirably, copying data at blazing speeds as fast as 8 GB per minute.

Accuracy matters

When it comes to disaster recovery, there are two types of accuracy.  Data must have been copied without errors, to be sure, but even a perfect backup will be of limited use if the data included in it is out of date.  Accuracy, therefore, must encompass efforts to make sure that all changes in data have been duly transferred into the backup with as little delay as possible.

AppAssure hits the mark on this measure of disaster recovery excellence as well.  Continuous backups as well as concurrent snapshots of ongoing activity combine to help businesses have the confidence that if disaster recovery should become necessary, they will have access to the most recent data set possible.

The Live Recovery advantage

Even the most up-to-date backup, however, can become problematic if restoring it takes so long that the process interferes with business operations.  AppAssure features Live Recovery, which permits businesses to enjoy full disaster recovery within a time span of just minutes.  This recovery time of near zero is made possible because access to virtual and physical servers is available through the backup file, which means that an SMB can get up and running before a system restore has been accomplished in full.

Don’t just take our word for it 

An independent assessment of backup and disaster recovery software solutions performed by David Bourgeois, President of My IT, LLC can be dowloaded in the whitepaper “Comparison and Performance Analysis of Backup and Disaster Recovery Software.”  In this first hand account, the author evaluates performance limitations of Acronis imaging software, ARCserve tape software, MS SQL Backup for SQL, and MIMS offsite, and goes on to outlines his careful and thorough evaluation of Dell AppAssure Backup, Replication & Recovery software solution.