Safeguarding your company’s data with a reliable backup plan

Data Protection Network SupportIf you need to protect the information you store on your system, enabling it to be retrieved in the event of a partial or complete wipe out, data protection services are vital.  Although there are many low-cost, or even completely free-of-charge options available, these are unlikely to be the most reliable.

It is estimated that nearly 90% of all the data ever produced was created in the last two years, so now the savviest firms are finding more innovative ways of protecting their masses of files and documents.  For the majority of companies, their reliance on a steady stream of information and storage means they would struggle to function without it.

Even the loss of smaller collections of data can cause downtime, and for SMBs in particular, this can be very damaging.  They have to redirect resources, be it staff or finances, to retrieve the lost data, and often they simply cannot afford to waste either on such a task.

A lot of businesses are most concerned with the threat of cybercrime and hacking; however, it remains the case that human error can also have a catastrophic affect on a company’s IT system.  This is often through genuine mistakes that go unnoticed until they cause a systemic issue.

Although there are a myriad of ways in which data can be compromised, the one solution is a well conceived server/data backup and disaster recovery plan.  The best providers will speak to their clients about what they hope to achieve in terms of data security and then create a system to suit them.  It may include the ability to compress data, remove duplicated information, or give access to virtual copies of files, known as snapshots.  The ideal solution for a company need not cost the earth, but should their data be lost, the return on investment will be unquestionable for any SMB.

Options for Data BackUp

Great Lakes Computer offers two Data Backup & Recovery Solutions to meet the needs of enterprises of any size.  Our agentless Data Backup & Recovery, powered by Asigra, is a single comprehensive backup and recovery solution that is automated and hassle-free.  Our  AppAssure software is used by IT professionals for backup, replication, and recovery of their virtual and physical servers and for performing Disaster Recovery to remote locations or to private or public cloud. AppAssure server backup software offers IT users unique, innovative industry-firsts including Live Recovery, Recovery Assure, and Universal Recovery technologies.

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