The importance of server backup – Plus a Free eBook

Data SecurityIt is exceptionally important to ensure that a business server is backed up on a regular basis.  It should be a task scheduled as regularly as brushing the teeth or any other essential ablutionary tasks.  There are two methods with which data can be backed up: automated or manually.  It is vital to the operation of a business that these backups happen successfully and regularly.

If a business server holds data belonging to clients, for example in the case of a hosting reseller, the data is vital to the business interests.  In effect, clients are paying to keep the data safe and secure, so regular backups are vital, just in case the worst should happen to the data.  Similarly, if the organization has a large social media website, containing the personal or sensitive information of users, these users are expecting their information to remain safe.

Although backups can be costly, data security should be seen as a vital business expense, much like heating or bandwidth.  Whether backups are taken care of in-house, or outsourced to offsite servers, paying for this is similar to paying for insurance, only this insurance should be able to return the original items if data is lost.  Using an offsite backup plan can, in fact, rescue a company from a permanent data loss, so long as the backups are set up to run regularly.

One can be forgiven for thinking that backing up data simply refers to copying the data from the entire system and holding it on a separate server.  Whilst this is true, incremental systems are a far more intelligent system for taking care of backups.  With incremental backups, only files that have been modified since the last backup are copied across, saving time, and server load.

Whether backing up information using manual or automated approaches, server backup is clearly a vital aspect of any businesses IT strategy.

Ten Backup Questions You should Be Asking

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