Selecting the right backup option for your company

Data BackupEvery SMB owner is aware of the need for server/data backup, the problem is that getting the right service for your organization can be a minefield.  However, do not let this confusion hold you back from finding the ideal set up, as delays can be costly.  Jennifer Mazzanti is president of eMazzanti Technologies, she points out that: “One of our services in most demand is backing up data…..Unfortunately, it usually comes from businesses that have just experienced a major data loss.”

It is a worrying fact that many small- to medium-sized businesses may not have the correct provision in place when it comes to server backup, should they experience data loss.  Indeed, a study carried out in 2011, by online backup experts Carbonite, revealed that nearly half of American small businesses – those with between two and 20 employees – had suffered data loss.

The most common causes of data loss were systems failures, which affected 54% of respondents, files being deleted accidentally, at 54%, followed by malware at 33%, and finally theft – which represented 10% of all missing data issues.  Despite these figures, a worrying 31% of business managers who were asked said that ensuring their organization’s data is backed up is a chore.

Seeking out the best backup approach, in terms of data security, does not have to be difficult; you can begin by simply establishing what is best for your company.  Consider whether you need every keystroke to be safeguarded, or if you can just protect the most vital information.  Also look at areas of weakness, which data are you most concerned about protecting and how would you like these more critical files to be stored?  Many providers offer two layers of protection for their clients, by keeping certain files in two locations, for example.

When you have assessed what you actually need, you are in a far better position to approach a vendor to discuss your options and obtain the ideal server/data backup product for your company.

2 Backup and Recovery Options to Consider

Great Lakes offers two distinct Backup and Recovery Options, both suitable for SMB’s.

    1. Great Lakes Computer’s Agentless Data Backup & Recovery, powered by Asigra, is a single comprehensive backup and recovery solution that is automated and hassle-free.
    2. Dell AppAssure software is used by IT professionals for backup, replication, and recovery of their virtual and physical servers and for performing Disaster Recovery to remote locations or to private or public cloud.

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