Managed Print Services have a solid hold in market

managed Print servicesIt is clear that the managed print services industry is maintaining a solid position in the market, assisting each customer in gaining a more technologically advanced and economically sound printing system.  According to the October presentation of the International Data Corporation (IDC), the quality of MPS providers and the technology they offer are the two most significant factors for potential customers.

During the course of her speech, Holly Muscolino, the research vice president for document solutions at IDC revealed that they canvassed the opinions of 25 MPS customers to establish what they look for in a provider.  The most common factors were the availability of flexible contracts, an attractive pricing structure, and a good working relationship.

There are many reasons why companies choose to seek out a managed print services provider in the first place, but the IDC discovered that the need to upgrade outdated printers was the most common.  However, businesses are also keen to simplify their contractual commitments, maximize their employee’s productivity, and change from an unsatisfactory provider to a more accommodating vendor.

A good MPS provider will discuss what its client needs, examine the company’s level of workflow, then target its services effectively, helping to streamline costs and enhance productivity.  As a business, processes such as monthly budgeting and stock control become far less time consuming, freeing up administrative staff to work on more important projects.

Also, entire printing system budgets are reduced to a single and predictable amount, across both hardware and consumables.  When a big change of equipment is needed it will be flagged up well in advance, giving a business adequate time to prepare for the extra expense.  Similarly, maintenance will be carefully scheduled for a mutually beneficial day.  Consequently, a business will find that its downtime is kept to a bare minimum.

Law Firms especially keen on Managed Print

Of all industries, the legal profession continues to be a key target for Managed Print Services, in particular because of the large volume of print work still required in the court systems.  It has been estimated that law firms can save upwards of 35% on their printing needs using a managed print services company. Take our Free Print Cost Assessment to see if we can provide you with the data you need to make the move to Managed Print.

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