SMB’s Benefit from Solid Computer Backup Plans

Dell AppassureAlthough most SMB’s are content to save their files to a computer hard drive, this may not be the most sensible way of storing the valuable information that goes to make up your company records.  A number of factors could leave this information at risk of loss, and choosing the appropriate backup software is critical.

Our IT equipment is becoming ever more threatened by the possibility of accidental or malicious damage and theft. Compounding this issue, the massive amounts of readymade storage in most modern devices, means users are tempted to leave files on their harddrive and not worry about it, rather than going through the process of transferring them to an external hard drive.   It is this tendency, born of convenience, that makes SMB systems an attractive opportunity for hackers.

A crashed hard drive will not just result in copious amounts of company downtime; you could also be looking at an expensive and lengthy recovery, assuming the files have not perished completely.  It takes a momentary lapse of concentration for a virus to slip past your protective software and begin an insidious assault.  Without a server/data back up in place it is hard to predict what the outcome could be.

The good news is that there are a wide variety of services that can be employed to safeguard the data of your enterprise.  You could use a flash drive, a selection of disks, or a specially formatted hard drive as your server/data backup, all of which are available from reputable suppliers.

Online backup is also available and has the added bonus of being at arm’s length from any potential hacks perpetrated against your firm.  There are many providers of online solutions, so make sure you choose a vendor which offers the system most suited to your requirements.  Prices can differ greatly, increasing in line with the amount of data that is stored, however, weighed against the potential risk – it’s always going to be worth it.

Comparison of Backup and Disaster Recovery Software

Having an effective software program to perform backups will take out the human error factor.  Below is an independent assessment of backup and disaster recovery software solutions performed by David Bourgeois, President of My IT, LLC. In this first hand account, the author evaluates performance limitations of Acronis imaging software, ARCserve tape software, MS SQL Backup for SQL, and MIMS offsite.

The author outlines his careful and thorough evaluation of Dell AppAssure Backup, Replication & Recovery software solution, detailing Dell AppAssure Backup, Replication & Recovery ability to address each of the shortcomings of the company’s backup and disaster recovery configuration.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This analysis was performed and written completely independently by the author without any direct influence, compensation, or even awareness by Dell AppAssure Software, Inc. and was generously furnished by the author for Dell AppAssure Software’s use for distribution throughout the IT community. No compensation has been or will be provided to the author by Dell AppAssure Software Inc. for his analysis whatsoever.

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