Head into the Cloud

Posted by M. Ursula Herrmann
Crain’s Cleveland Business Guest Blog Post of 4-13-12

Cloud Computing ComplianceCloud Computing can make sense for many businesses, even those formerly communicating with remote workers via VPN.  But as mobile workforces become more prevanlent, mobile security and cloud security need to be carefully addressed.  This blog post is the first in a series from Crain’s Cleveland Business, and reviews some basics about moving your data to the cloud.  It covers:

    • What is the cloud, and why you need to be aware of security issues.
    • The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)
    • The CSA’s CCM (Cloud Security Alliance’s Cloud Controls Matrix), a tool designed by the CSA to help you assess the security posture of different cloud providers.

Follow this link to Crain’s Cleveland Business to read the full post:  Cloud Computing Security

Cloud Computing ComplianceIf you are interested to learn more about finding IT solutions “in the cloud,” we highly recommend this book from Dell as a must-have guide. Chapters include:

    • Defining Cloud Computing and Software as a Service
    • Benefits, concerns, privacy regarding using resources in the cloud
    • Cloud computing security
    • Migrating to and integrating Cloud IT Solutions
    • and more…

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