cloud computingBusiness IT is more interconnected than ever and it’s certainly a boon to our productivity. We have talked about the many ways you can use the cloud to grow your business, but it’s mostly been in reference to your computing power and data processing. There are several ways a business can integrate the cloud from apps to phones.

    • Cloud-based ApplicationsYou may not think that your operations utilize the cloud because you have a server room, but I’m guessing you’re wrong. Do you use any of these: Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Zendesk, Dropbox, DocuSign, or GoToMeeting? These are all apps hosted in the cloud. They allow us to work collaboratively from anywhere with an internet connection on any device. You may not have video conference-enabled phone system, but no worries. There’s an app for that.
    • Backup & RecoveryData may be our most valuable commodity. If you lose access to yours, can your business survive? The cloud allows your data to automatically update as you work and also creates copies of your data off-site where it will be safe from any local natural disaster, theft, or malfunction.
    • Hosted Phone (VoIP)“Nothing cements relationships more effectively than an actual conversation. Better yet several conversations where data from those calls is saved, analyzed. and then parsed to any front- or back-end business application that can use it. The only way to do that is to integrate a flexible voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony system with your customer-facing, back-end systems, especially customer relationship management (CRM). Having an IP-enabled and feature-filled telephone system is highly important for any business, particularly one that’s capable of being fully integrated into your sales, marketing, and general business initiatives at a software level.” (PCMag)A VoIP system may be on-premise using a traditional PBX or hosted in a cloud environment. There is no clear cut division on which type of business should use which type of phone. You need to find the solution that best suits your needs and budget.
    • Mobile WorkforceThe 9-to-5 is less and less common in office environments. The younger generations have an unshakeable value system based around work-life balance. They need access from home or when they’re on the road. The cloud fosters mobility by allowing access to your apps and data from anywhere with an internet connection.

Of course, there are increased security risks as you allow your data to be accessed outside your four walls. The key to maintaining the integrity of your security is training and policies. Read our article 8 Network Security Practices Your Staff Needs To Know.

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