Great Lakes Computer Preparedness Package

IT Support PreparednessImagine this scenario: You’re preparing for a meeting, and your PC starts acting up. You get a call from a coworker who notices your server is down. You immediately pick up the phone to call your IT guy, only to remember he is in Cancun on the beach enjoying a well deserved week off. You can’t let the entire company take the week off just because your IT person did.

What do you do?  Call Great Lakes Computer!

Great Lakes Computer offers IT Support Services on an on-call basis, with no contractual obligations. Great Lakes will send out an expert technician to repair your server, fix your PC, or get your printer back up and running, so you can get your business back up and running.

Great Lakes Preparedness Package

BE PREPARED: You know you can’t forbid vacations, but you CAN be prepared for your IT person being unavailable. For a one time, low cost, Great Lakes Computer offers a Preparedness Package, where we run a thorough on-site assessment of your Network and PC environment. And should anything occur while your IT support is out of pocket, the first two hours of a service call is included in the Preparedness Package fee. So you can breathe easy knowing support is just a phone call away, and your IT person can enjoy their vacation!

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