BYODToday’s graduates aren’t seeking out the classic 9 to 5 cubicle gig. They are looking for a flexible schedule with a greater focus on work-life balance, but they understand the price of that may be working at sporadic hours and on weekends. In order to attract this fresh talent, companies need to consider a fresh approach, and that includes supporting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) workplace.

People work better with technology they know, and BYOD can give employees this leverage. However, there are inherent security risks when conducting business on private technology. The folks at outline some of the pros and cons of a BYOD workplace.

The main concern is that of security, and while worries over BYOD security have been around since the first policy was enacted, the problem has the potential to grow as more and more millennials take advantage of BYOD. According to one recent survey, 60 percent of millennial workers said they weren’t concerned with corporate security when using personal apps over company-approved apps, and millennials are far more likely to use non-approved apps for their work. In other words, millennials are simply not as worried about protecting company information when compared to their older co-workers. This attitude likely strikes many business leaders as worrisome, prompting some to impose tighter restrictions on their BYOD policies, which can in turn create conflict and dissatisfaction with the policy. For many business leaders and IT departments, it feels like a no-win situation.

It should be noted that the same survey found half of millennials only use non-approved apps because they thought those apps the company approved weren’t good enough for them to get their jobs done, such as software defined storage. They still want to do good work, but your organization needs to provide them with the tools or the freedom to make sure that work gets done well. It requires a delicate balance, one that will likely require some trial and error.

BYOD can be an attractive feature for millennials contemplating where to go for a job. Many businesses would be wise to have a BYOD policy in place just to make sure some of the most talented young workers will seriously consider them. Understanding the security risks that come from hiring millennials is also essential if companies want to confront any problems before they become serious issues.

Ensure your data security by educating your staff about network security, as well as implementing thorough usage guidelines if you plan to create a BYOD environment. And for even greater security, let the experts at Great Lakes Computer ensure you have award winning Data Security in place with robust IT support.

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