lenovoAs a licensed supplier of Lenovo IT hardware, we are always proud when they receive an award. This year they climbed from the 25 spot to the 24th in the Gartner Supply Chain Leaders.

We support the Lenovo brand because it has the industries lowest failure rates, the best end user experience, and their commitment to cutting edge technology and innovation. If you are interested in Lenovo servers, PCs, or laptops for your business, call us today.

From the press release:

For the past 13 years, this annual Global Supply Chain Top 25 ranking acknowledges supply chain leaders, highlighting best practices for supply chain and strategy organizations.  This year Gartner analyst team concluded three notable trends from the thousands of companies they research that are accelerating the capabilities and further separating the companies from the rest of the market:  1) Digitization of supply chain  2) Adaptive organization and capabilities  3) Developing and Fostering Healthy Ecosystems.

The work Lenovo has done with the customer first, corporate sustainability and contributing knowledge to the supply chain practice initiatives were the significant differentiators that provided the outstanding ranking recognition, and the move up to number 24.  Lenovo’s achievement on The Gartner 2017 Top 25 Supply Chain list demonstrates the amazing orchestration of millions and millions of components to final assembly across Lenovo’s Enterprise with the best quality in the industry and with industries best manufacturing, logistics, and suppliers. Lenovo’s ONE team collaboration and execution from the teams around the world that are consistently creating ‘order from chaos’ with a relentless focus on customer centric value has set the foundation for Lenovo to propel into the new digital future for our long-term success.

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