IT_supportWe welcome guest bloggers again today from Muffy and JoEllen over at to blog about  problems all Small business owners, make that everyone, faces.  Because no matter how reliant we have become on email, standard paper mail still exists, and not just to clutter our lives.  Here are Keys to Staying on Top of Mail:

Have you ever paid a bill after the due date and been charged an outrageous late fee?  Gone to pay your bills and you can’t find them all?  We would like to change that by offering you some easy tips on how to organize your bills.  Given Muffy’s financial background, we believe these tips are the most important we can provide for our customers.

All of us are deluged with mail each and every day.  Having a bill caught amidst the junk mail can happen pretty easily, so we have some simple suggestions on how to avoid that!

    • When you bring in the mail each day, have a designated spot where it goes.  If you are able to process your mail right away, this is even better!
    • Sort the mail into a few categories, such as bills to pay, things to read, and follow up phone calls to be made (RSVPs to party invitations, doctor’s appointments. etc.).
    • Place the follow-up items in an action file to attend to promptly.
    • Reading material can go next to your favorite chair.
    • All junk mail should be put into your recycling bag or the trash can immediately! This is the first step to eliminating the piles of mail!
    • Once your bills have been identified, find a place which will be your bill paying/mail center.  Try a container where you can keep the bills, stamps, return address labels and the checkbook – all together so you can be efficient when it is time to pay the bills!  Write the due date of the bill on the envelope so that you can glance at it and know when it needs to be paid.

NOW is a great time to start a new system.  These simple ideas should help you to pay all of your bills on time and to find them when you need to pay them!

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