Even with the digital revolution, printing is still a significant part of almost all businesses today. Nevertheless, many companies do not have a clear picture of their overall print costs. According to a white paper published by Xerox, most companies spend approximately 1 to 3% of their total annual revenue on printing. As such, print costs are a significant part of the expenses and expenditures that any business determined to maximize their profits should keep an eye on. Besides saving on costs, a good printing approach brings about efficiency and improves the level of responsibility.

Though the ability to print is essential to most businesses, its upkeep and management can be very demanding. For this reason, many companies need a Managed Print Provider (MPP). A MPP specializes in providing efficient printing services—they use specialized software to manage a print fleet. When you hire a MPP, you give them the duty to oversee your business’ printing ecosystem. They access your company’s present printing capability, plan on necessary upgrades or replacements and monitor the system for any inefficiencies. The provider is also in charge of the equipment and supplies. According to a recent study conducted by InfoTrends, managed print services can save a business up to 30% on their printing budget.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

Saves Money

Businesses are continuously looking for ways to save on their expenses, and investing in a MPP is one way to do it. A managed print system connects all your devices to one monitoring system for easy management. As such, you can save on the costs of maintaining one device at a time, space and even the energy bills involved.

Free Up IT Services

Chances are, your IT department team is almost always offering assistance to a certain department. But for companies that have a lot of printing going on, IT will spend a lot of time focusing on printing issues and equipment breakdowns, leaving less time to concentrate on critical projects like data security, server and network issues, and computer servicing and repairs. However, when you have a Managed Print Services team, your IT department can focus on their everyday tasks and be more accessible.

Improves Business Continuity

Does your business have a continuity plan? If so, does it include print? If it does not, then you are missing an important link. Print and mail is part of a strong backup planning process. It ensures your team and clients continue to receive critical communications from your company during difficult times. With the help of a Managed Print Provider, you will also be able to operate the company’s essential functions even during emergencies such as natural disasters, pandemic or workplace violation. It’s important to note that your business does not have to come to a complete standstill for you to leverage managed print services; you can still take advantage of the system when faced with events that have the potential to impact your business negatively.

Enhance Security

How many sensitive documents does your company print in a day? Printers pose a significant weak point when it comes to the security of your business’ records. What if that printer is hijacked, its settings tampered with, or information is lost or even worse–stolen? It can be such a disaster. A MPP ensures your printer fleet’s security, and that way, you do not have to worry about anything happening to any sensitive data.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Outdated printing services waste a lot of paper, toner and energy. A Managed Print Provider will help streamline your company’s printing processes, which reduces the impact your company has on the environment. They significantly reduce the amount of paper your company uses and the print volume, which translates to fewer toner and ink cartridges–hence a safer environment. They also service the equipment regularly, thus prolonging their lifespan.

Great Lakes as Your Managed Print Provider

If you are planning to run your business smoothly and efficiently without having to worry about printer problems or the high cost associated with printing, you need to partner with a reputable Managed Print Provider that can help you access and benefit from all the latest technology. Great Lakes Computer Corporation is the most trusted MPP that can help your business (large or small) realize efficiencies, reduce environmental footprint, improve productivity and enhance data security while making your business more agile and profitable.