Cloud ComputingIt is imperative when transitioning to the cloud to know what questions to ask, as well as what information is necessary to share with your possible cloud computing service provider.  Some businesses make the switch with some ambiguity and no clear understanding of data, business and budgetary needs. These few tips could possibly save you and your company time and hassle before committing to the cloud:

1.  Know why you’re making your move to the cloud?

Have a reason as to why you are transitioning to the cloud. Define why it is practical to make this switch while weighing the pros and cons. Decide whether the switch can support your specific IT plan, cost and IT security that is needed to run a successful business.

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2.  Remember to budget

As with any upgrade, the transition to cloud computing requires some additional expenses. For example, expenses may be in the form of education for the IT team regarding cloud computing. Agree upon the costs both with your IT team as well as your cloud computing provider.

3.  Prepare your IT team to switch

As mentioned above, education for the IT team for the transition is essential. The team will need both time and training to make the transition a successful one, therefore the introduction to the cloud must happen before the switch occurs. It is also important that the IT managers have a wide skill set that encompasses network monitoring.

The key to a successful transition is a successful planning of the transition. Another contributor to a prosperous move is the IT team as well as the cloud computing provider.