Internet of ThingsThe Internet of Things (IoT) might sound like another useless buzz word, but it’s a very real concept that is becoming a bigger part of your life every day. The interconnectivity between a huge range of objects has the power to change our society for the better, but it also presents many risks from connected devices that can be exploited by malicious hackers.

In Part 1 of our 2 Part Blog, we told you about the beauty to be found in the IoT. In Part 2, we’ll tell you about the inherent risks of unlimited interconnectedness – the Beast of the IoT. The brave new world has had huge implications for individuals, businesses, and society and has reinforced the need for robust safety protocols in network security and consistent vigilance.

Risks for People

There is a high degree of risk inherent in allowing your everyday objects to receive and transmit information. We don’t just mean your phone either – your activity tracker and bluetooth speakers are just the beginning of your integration into the IoT. Two researchers recently proved that anyone with a network device could hack into and disable the brakes of Jeeps. Other risks to individuals include identity theft and interference with healthcare devices, home appliances and security systems.

Risks for Businesses

Enterprise businesses that use a lot of software to organize client data, complete orders and track information are definitely at network security risk if the IoT isn’t secure. Service vehicles, heavy equipment, buildings, storage systems, shipping containers and more could prove to be points of infiltration. BYOD work environments also open your company up to a host of risks – the devices themselves may have security, but they are likely connected to personal, unsecure devices as well.

Risks for Society

For society as a whole, the risks are also clear. Hackers may be able to take control of many “things” that we now take for granted as secure. For instance, traffic lights may become unreliable if hackers access them and switch from red to green at unsafe moments, warns the FBI. Power plants may become unstable centers of possible destruction. Any device – from phones to televisions – could be hacked into and used to take pictures, assuming it had camera capability. This could create security threats of global proportion.

Of course, these things are still very unlikely, but they’re good to be aware of. If you’d like to keep up to date on the latest tech tips, follow the Great Lakes Computer blog. Great Lakes is a Managed IT services company that provides IT Help desk support, managed print services, network support, network design, backup and recovery, data protection and PC/Printer repair services. Our expertise shines through everything we do here in Cleveland Ohio, and we would love to help you learn more about how to be safe in today’s world. All you have to do is get in touch.

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