Managed Print ServicesThis is our first installment in an ongoing series of blog articles where we take a step back and re-introduce some basic concepts in today’s office technology.  Today, we will be discussing Managed Print Services.

What is Managed Print Services?

I looked to the Gartner IT Glossary for a definition:

“Managed print services (MPS) are services offered by an external provider to optimize or manage a company’s document output. The main components provided are needs assessment, selective or general replacement of hardware, and the service, parts and supplies needed to operate the new and/or existing hardware (including existing third-party equipment if this is required by the customer). The provider also tracks how the printer, fax, copier and MFP fleet is being used, the problems, and the user’s satisfaction.

This is a great explanation, and, to the small to mid-size business owner, lacking an internal IT department or printer maintenance personnel, a dream come true.  Managed print allows a company to stop getting angry and stressing out about running out of ink, having a broken printer or fax machine, and control employee print costs.

What to Expect from an MPS Provider

Below is what you should expect from a Managed Print Service provider:

    • All inclusive plan: everything is included except the paper (i.e. toner, maintenance kits, all parts, labor, etc)
    • “Per page” billing, which means how much you pay per month will depend upon how much you print
    • Preventative printer maintenance
    • Automated print supply ordering and trouble notification
    • Your printers are monitored remotely, catching problems early and resolve them more efficiently. Items to monitor include: the toner level of a printer, any errors that are generated, and page count.
    • Detailed reports with information that gives you a better overview of your print operations, plus insights as to how you can further reduce your costs.

What Benefits does MPS Provide?

These are the benefits you should experience with an MPS:

    • Lower print costs with up to 30% savings on overall printing costs
    • Less IT involvement with printing problems
    • Precise management of print resources to control and reduce print cost

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What Companies would Benefit from MPS?

Any small to midsize business with printing needs can potentially benefit from Managed Print Services.  Law firms and healthcare facilities with a high demand for printing needs, or companies with multiple locations and varied print environments who find it hard to maintain a control over tend to benefit the most from this service.

Great Lakes offers a free print cost analysis to determine if Managed Print is right for you.  What can it hurt?  Get the free analysis and see if you can save money on your print budget.

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