it support and office 365No matter what business you are in, the idea of not using technology is absolutely absurd. In today’s society technology is the way that businesses get into the public eye and become relevant to the audience they target. This is why having good software to help maintain your business is a great idea. A popular software out there today is Microsoft Office 365; an office software with programs dedicated to helping business create almost anything they need; from databases, to spreadsheets and more. However, with so many other services to choose from, finding the answers to your questions is important. Here are the answers to 10 questions you have probably asked about Office 365.

1. Is Office 365 Only Available for PC Use?

No, in fact, in recent years Microsoft has realized that some companies, homes, and schools love Windows but they do not want to give up their Apple products for a PC. So, Microsoft has now made it possible for Office programs to run on Mac as long as it is running Mac X OS 10.6 or higher. When using on a Mac, however, be aware that there may be some slight changes to the way it runs, as the programs are installed in different ways depending on the device you use.

2. Do I Retain Copyright For Documents Created on Office?

Yes, the person with the subscription has full rights to anything written within Office. This means that it will not be employees, but the company itself that has full right to all documents created on the Office 365 subscription. By full right, this means that Microsoft does not own anything that you create using your subscription… They allow you to keep whatever you have created as long as you have an active subscription.

3. We Want To Expand Using Mobile. Will We Be Able To Use Office 365?

Yes! Similarly to what they have done with Apple products, Microsoft has now introduced a way to access your Office 365 documents via your smartphone, no matter what the brand.

4. What Does My Business Receive With An Office 365 Subscription?

An office 365 subscription for a business comes with the Microsoft software designed to help businesses create the documents that they need. If working on a PC your subscription will include Excel (spreadsheets), PowerPoint (slideshows and presentations), OneNote (Note taking and organization service), Access (Database Creator), Word (Word processor), and Outlook (Email Application). You also receive 27GB of shared data (per subscription), free Skype minutes, and available SkyDrive space; allowing you to open documents from anywhere on any device.

5.What Are The Perks For A Small Business?

Small and large businesses can both benefit from using Office 365, but those that are smaller have a greater advantage with the program. First, this subscription based service is available for installation on 5 devices at a time. This means a smaller business will have to buy less subscriptions than a bigger company, leading to less overhead cost. Smaller businesses can also benefit from the mobile sharing features such as SkyDrive. After all, smaller businesses do more work via their phones and tablets due to how often they need to communicate; there really isn’t a “grapevine,” everyone has to be in the loop. This means that more items and apps that comes with Office 365 will be usable for your business, making it more worth your money. All you really need is the internet and everything you have is available to you. This means you won’t even have to go into the office to do your work, and small problems can be fixed relatively easily. These are only a few of the big reasons why Office 365 may be a great choice for your small business.

6.Can I Auto-Renew The Subscription?

Yes, there is an auto-renew feature for Office 365. You can go to your account manager under billing and payment, and have the status changed so that the subscription automatically renews before it expires.

7. Can We Customize App Install?

As of right now Office 365 includes apps that are installed when you download the programs and are not customizable. This means that even if you do not need them, there will be apps you are stuck with.

8.Do All Apps Work With Mobile?

All apps work on mobile, but some do not have a comprehensive list of options. For example, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all available, but not all options for the applications appear.

9. Is There A Trial Option?

Yes, if you aren’t sure about using the system you can always visit the Microsoft website and learn about how to enter a trial period. This is a great way to learn if you like the programs or if you want to go with something different; it also does not suck you into a pricey subscription you don’t want or need.

10.Can I Obtain Backup of My Applications?

Yes, you can. You can either reinstall programs at any time online from your account settings or you can obtain a backup DVD from the Microsoft website.

For many small businesses, this information may seem overwhelming and daunting. If you need help determining which path to take for IT Support or IT Services.