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Unified Backup: Virtual & Physical

Author:Author: Jack Fegreus, Ph.D., Managing Director, openBench Labs

If you’re currently using or considering either Symantec Backup Exec or Dell AppAssure software to protect your Windows environment, you may already be aware that both products were reintroduced this year in significantly enhanced forms. This openBench Labs analysis pitted the performance of Symantec Backup Exec 2012 software versus AppAssure 5 in a well-appointed Windows lab environment. Read this executive brief to learn how each product measured up in the following ways: ease of use, backup speed and functionality, and recovery process.

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7 Myths about Backup & DR in Virtual Environments

Author: Eric Siebert

In this whitepaper, Eric Siebert, VMware vExpert, dispells the most common myths about Backup and Disaster Recovery in virtual environments.

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Top 5 Requirements for Backup of Virtual and Physical Servers

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Deduplication:  Effectively Reducing the Cost of Backup and Storage

Deduplication Whitepaper

7 Expert Tips for VMware Backup

7 Expert Tips VMware Backup

Windows Server Disaster Recovery

Windows Disaster Recovery

Communicating IT Solutions and Their Benefits to Managements

Communicating IT Solutions

10 Best Practices of Backup, Replication, & Recovery for VMware and Hyper-V

10 Best Practices VMware and Hyper-V

Performance Analysis for Backup and Disaster Recovery Software

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Comparison of Backup and Disaster Recovery Software

An independent assessment of backup and disaster recovery software solutions performed by David Bourgeois, President of My IT, LLC. In this first hand account, the author evaluates performance limitations of Acronis imaging software, ARCserve tape software, MS SQL Backup for SQL, and MIMS offsite.

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Nothing is More Important Than Data Backup

The underlying backbone of all digital and IT security for any individual, organization or business is data backup. The reason why boils down to this: ...
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Spam email attacks (otherwise known as phishing) are one of the largest threats facing all businesses today. They are everywhere and affect everyone. ...
4 Key IT Vulnerabilities and How to Prevent Them

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