Admin Rights Can BackFire on You!

Great Lakes Computer Data ProtectionMany employees who use computers routinely as a part of their daily workflow prefer to have administrator privileges over their machines so that they can install software as needed without having to wait for an IT department to provide them with services. While this strategy can provide some benefits in terms of employee satisfaction and at times, productivity, it can backfire badly when it comes to one particular category of software: antivirus and antimalware programs. For several key reasons, these types of programs are best installed and administered on a company-wide basis.

Coordinated updates

When employees manage their own antivirus programs, they may not update them on a regular basis – some workers may not ever update them at all. This obviously compromises data security. A company-wide strategy, in contrast, means that not just virus and malware definitions but also the engine programs themselves will receive regular updates.

Moreover, all such updates can be scheduled to occur at the same time – an approach that when done correctly can keep software updates from interfering with ordinary workflow. With a company-wide strategy, for example, machines can be scheduled to download and install updates seven days a week at 2 a.m. Few employees on their own would be diligent enough to update antimalware protection daily, and even those who are would have to interrupt other work tasks to do it. A coordinated, company-wide strategy solves both these issues at the same time.

Inter-program conflicts

Another reason for a coordinated antimalware strategy is the unfortunate fact that when two or more antivirus or antimalware programs are installed on the same machine, it can result in serious conflicts that slow down system operations or even cause the programs themselves to occasionally fail. Employees seeking to be diligent may install two antivirus engines and believe this is a good thing, but it takes a computer safety specialist to know when it is appropriate to use multiple antimalware strategies. Once again, a company-wide solution is the best way to guard against inter-program conflicts.

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