AppAssure: advantages for business data backup

Dell AppAssureMost businesses are well-aware of the need for regular network server backup. This awareness, however, does not necessarily mean that such businesses have hit upon the best method for meeting this need. There are, of course, a large number of possible IT solutions that can assist with backing up a network server. One that offers outstanding advantages is AppAssure, a software package from industry leader Dell. AppAssure stands out as being both easy to use and fast to perform the required backups.


AppAssure is able to perform backups in a variety of environments, helping to guarantee business continuity and seamless disaster recovery for not only Windows Servers, but also SQL servers, Microsoft Exchange servers, and environments that are using virtual server solutions. Specific virtual server backup needs that AppAssure can meet encompass Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, and VMware vSphere, which is the virtualization choice for a majority of companies worldwide.

An all-in-one approach

By addressing the needs of both virtual and physical environments with a single backup product, AppAssure saves businesses money, certainly. It also, however, saves them an even more valuable commodity: time. Using one product means a single learning curve instead of multiple ones – and that learning curve becomes even more advantageous when AppAssure is deployed as part of an overall managed services approach, with a skilled IT company providing remote services related to data backup.

AppAssure advantages

No business likes to have employees stymied in their ability to process daily workflow. AppAssure helps to meet productivity needs by allowing backups to proceed at a highly accelerated rate. Backups with AppAssure can be completed in less than one-tenth of the time needed for traditional IT solutions for backing up data. Recovery, when needed, is equally fast.

In addition, because AppAssure contains integrated deduplication of data, it helps to reduce company costs for storing data by as much as 80%. Yet data protection with AppAssure is even better than is the case with traditional backups performed at intervals. The use of incremental snapshots helps to capture changes that have occurred since the last full backup was performed. This practice tends to reduce potential loss of data.