managed printIf your business is reliant on printers, for documents, labels, blueprints, or anything else, you know how much time and money can be wasted on print. You can potentially benefit from Managed Print Services (MPS). These services include a wide range of activity and supply management that can save you money. Here we make the business case for outsourcing your printing needs and saving some of that money you’ve been wasting.

Managed Print Services is an umbrella term. It includes:

  • Routine Printer Maintenance
  • Toner and Print Supply Monitoring and Ordering
  • Software Updates
  • Help Desk Support
  • Analysis of Print Activity to identify wasteful printing

This group of services is generally wrapped up into a “per page” pricing model. This allows you to pay by usage with the costs it takes to successfully print one page.

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You may read that list and think that these are certainly tasks you, or your IT staff, can handle in house. And you are mostly right. However, ask yourself these questions:

  • How much time can you afford to spend on monitoring your ink levels, ordering supplies, and troubleshooting printer issues?
  • What business functions are you not giving your time to when you are dealing with your printers?
  • How much time does your IT staff spend on print-related issues?
  • Could your IT staff be using that time to find ways to enhance or grow your business instead of fire-fighting?

When you think of your work load in terms of what you are doing versus what you should be doing, it’s plain to see why outsourcing functions like printing is a smart call.

Every facet of Managed Print Services can help you save money and time.

Routine maintenance elongates the life expectancy of your hardware. That means you purchase less printers over time as well as decrease the likelihood of downtime. Supply ordering is simple enough, but monitoring the levels and getting them ordered before you run out again saves you, again, from downtime. Software updates are more critical than ever with the increase in cybersecurity breaches these days. Help desk support gives you access to expert technicians that can potentially fix your issue in a single phone call versus an in-house staffer poking at the printer trying to diagnose it.

Some of the biggest savings come from the print analysis. There are many ways to lean the print operations of a business. If there are more printers than necessary, you may be wasting money on unused capacity. You may be printing at best quality for documents that only require a draft level. Little bits here and there all add up to major waste. An expert analyst can help identify waste and eliminate it, saving you money in the process.

Great Lakes is a Managed Print Provider

We offer a Managed Print service that can potentially cut your print expense in half. Begin with a free assessment for 30 days. We can see look at your print use and decide if managed print makes sense for your operations.