Cloud ComputingMany businesses have already recognized the value of including cloud services within their IT setup, yet one of the newest developments in the world of hosted computing is the complete cloud solution. In this model, all servers, backups, updates and even PCs themselves are hosted on the cloud, freeing your company from the need to maintain expensive hardware. So what are the benefits of a total cloud?

More than 80% of all businesses report greater in-house efficiency as well as financial savings after integrating cloud computing into their IT structure. Complete cloud solutions tend to be more cost effective than hybrid models, where data is stored on the cloud but PCs and other aspects of IT hardware remain the responsibility of individual companies as opposed to the cloud service provider.

Eight Ways a Complete Cloud Solution Wins Out Over Hybrid Models

    1. Technical support is available 24/7 on all IT related issues. You’ll never again have to wait to deal with a glitch in your software, hardware or any other IT need.
    2. No upfront costs and predictable IT expenses. Complete cloud solutions are offered on a subscription model basis and can be scaled up or down as needed. Service is based on the number of units required; you can even include your business phone service into the subscription.
    3. Obtain a complete hardware refresh. Instead of investing in new PCs, servers and more every few years, a complete cloud solution provides everything that’s needed with $0 in capital investment required. You’ll also never have to deal with the hassle of upgrades, as all maintenance is handled remotely.
    4. “Cloud” computers are highly mobile. Greater mobility enhances communication between team members, regardless of where they are. Employees will no longer be bound to the office during working hours, as all software and data is fully accessible anywhere an internet connection is available.
    5. Access to enterprise-class technologies. Before cloud computing became widespread, smaller companies may not have had access to enterprise-class technologies that allowed them to compete with larger organizations. Cloud services have leveled the playing field and have given even the smallest businesses access to the best applications.
    6. Unlimited data storage. Forget about file size and slow computers that are bogged down due to lack of RAM; with complete cloud computing, unlimited data storage is provided for every user. You can also host your own apps and software packages on the cloud server, with no restrictions on size.
    7. Increased cyber security. Cloud based solutions are far more secure than in-house servers, as they are maintained around the clock by a team of experts who continuously monitor and upgrade firewalls and other aspects of security to prevent cyber attacks and data loss.
    8. Business continuance and disaster recovery is built into the complete cloud solution. Back ups of all data are completed automatically and disaster recovery is included in the service. Even if your office is flooded or damaged in any way, you’ll still have access to all sensitive company data directly through the internet.

Regardless if you are ready to make the leap into a complete cloud solution or would rather implement changes slowly and adopt a hybrid model approach, the professionals at Great Lakes Computer have a plan to meet your needs. More than 70 percent of all businesses have already integrated cloud services into their IT structure; we can help you get started today.

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