cloud computingOver the last decade, the way we do business has changed dramatically. So why are so many managers ties to the old methods of getting things done? People have been tied to the traditional server and PC methods of IT infrastructure for so long that sometimes it’s difficult for them to see the benefits of another way. The cloud computing revolution has made it easier than ever for organizations of any size and industry to take advantage of the power of networks. Here are some of the many benefits of cloud computing.

It’s Scalable
Gone are the days of paying for piecemeal user licenses and costly infrastructure upgrades for new users. No matter how many employees need access to a cloud-based system, their IT needs can be accommodated easily, quickly, and affordably. The cloud makes it easy to scale storage up and down, meaning you’ll never have to pay for more storage than you need.

It’s Secure
As recently seen with various hacking scandals, even mega corporations who can afford to throw extensive resources into data security measures have flaws that can be exposed by dedicated cyber-criminals. How can a smaller organization be expected to maintain internal security? Outsourcing to a cloud service company allows you to benefit from their high levels of security.

Cloud Computing Increases Productivity and Mobility
These days, there are very few positions in a company where an employee is tied to their desk all day long. Whether it’s going on sales calls, traveling for networking, or conducting site visits, employees need constant mobile access in order to be optimally productive. Cloud computing provides a simple solution by allowing employees to access their data anywhere, anytime.

It’s User-Friendly
Not everyone can be a coder, and software systems shouldn’t be designed exclusively for people with years of IT training. Cloud-based platforms offer an intuitive user experience that any member of the company can start using effectively right out of the gate.

It Has an Affordable Pricing Structure
With internal servers and piecemeal software systems come mounting hardware costs and complicated fee structures. Complete cloud services replace all of that with a simple, per user utility fee so that you can invest your money back into your business.

It Empowers Employees
By offering your team the tools they need to get things done, you’ll be empowering them to take care of customers and close deals. They’ll have constant access to all of the data they need to answer important questions and make crucial decisions on the fly.

It’s Inherently Disaster-Resistant
Anyone who’s experienced a failing backup can tell you how unreliable physical backups can be. Cloud computing takes the worry out of disaster recovery with automatic backups that are encrypted and protected by multiple layers of security.

Anyone Can Benefit from Cloud Computing
Cloud services aren’t just for one particular industry or one level of employees. Security, mobility, and affordability can translate to any sector of business. See how migrating to a complete cloud service can transform yor business, save you money, and put your business on the path to a new world of data management and IT services.
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