Data SecurityAccording to TechTarget’s recently posted article “6 Benefits of Migrating to Modern OS’s,” The Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit (CTU) has catalogued more than 760 vulnerabilities in Windows XP, and predicts “continued discovery and disclosure of new software vulnerabilities linked to Windows XP well beyond the end-of-support date.”  So, it could be said there are 760+ reasons to switch to a modern Operating System off of windows XP.

Here is a summary of the benefits Windows 8 Pro and Dell detailed for upgrading to a modern OS:

    1. Support for modern technology: When Windows XP debuted in 2001, smartphones, tablets, virtualization, cloud computing, social networking and Web 2.0 were all off in the future. Windows 7 and Windows 8, by contrast, take advantage of the intervening decade of technological innovation.
    2. Improved productivity: With modern Windows, workers spend less time waiting. For example, Windows 7 boots 29 percent faster than Windows XP, opens files 54 percent faster and resumes from standby mode up to 73 percent faster. Laptops running Windows 7 have 85 percent better battery life than those running Windows XP. Windows 8 can boot and shut down twice as fast as Windows 7.
    3. Enhanced data security: Modern versions of Windows include a number of security enhancements.  Organizations can further enhance security by selecting a hardware vendor that includes advanced data protection tools such as encryption, authentication and malware protection on its enterprise PCs.
    4. Better manageability: Modern Windows can make it easier for IT staff to do their jobs. Many time consuming tasks are automated, and the OS includes Windows Troubleshooting Packs, System Restore improvements, a Problem Steps Recorder and improved monitoring.
    5. Improved stability: Users experience an average of 40 percent less downtime with a modern operating system, making workers more
      productive and reducing help desk and IT Support costs.
    6. Lower costs: Organizations retaining Windows XP beyond the end-of-support date must pay for custom support, which can cost as much as $200 per PC per year.

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