Cloud computing for manufacturing businessesAs a manufacturer, you are under constant and intense pressure to produce with speed and accuracy. On top of that, every customer interaction counts. How do you keep up with it all, running a solid business that continues to grow in reputation?

1. Add Convenience for Your Customers with Added Services:

With the cloud, you can add services your customers can use with their smartphones. For example, your customers could check live spec designs and add in their comments or suggest changes. What customer wouldn’t like that?

2. Makes Your ERP Easier to Use:

Do you still have an outdated ERP system? A newer one that runs on the cloud not only costs less than on-premise systems, but it also provides more detailed financial and manufacturing information. The information you get also comes in real-time.

3. Run Large Simulations for Products…Without Big Investments:

In the past, you had to have a large budget available to fund the physical resources needed for testing. With the cloud, that’s no longer a problem. Plus, you only need to charge customers when they use your resources.

4. Get the Same (Or Better) Service at Half the Price:

For example, you can easily move e-mail to the cloud with Office 365. It’s cost-effective, and your employees get several GB of free storage to begin. That’s probably more than enough storage they could use in their entire career.

Risk Shifts from the Manufacturer to the Vendor:

Prior to cloud computing , you had to do much more of the maintenance for your software and network. Because much of that now runs from the cloud, the vendor takes care of the maintenance. Not only do you get lower costs, but you also get the expertise of your vendor instantly.

6. Align & Execute Your Marketing Strategies with Marketing Automation Platforms:

The cloud makes collaboration easier. With marketing automation, many key employees can easily work together on your latest marketing campaigns. The endless e-mail chains and miscommunications of the old days are now gone.

7. Free Up Time to Invest in New Products & Sell More:

Cloud IT streamlines your manufacturing company’s time and financial resources like never before. That clears more room for you to grow your company. With cuts in your IT support and computer and network maintenance costs, becoming the leader in your niche can now become a reality.Click the link Managed IT services if you would like more information.