Managed Print ServiceCan you imagine how much smoother your business could run if you never had to worry about printer trouble or printing costs again? Managed Print Services (MPS) help manage every aspect of business printing, from using printers more efficiently to ensuring that machines get proactively serviced and supplied.

Consider five ways that Managed Print Services help companies run more efficiently and profitably:

    1. Avoid delays.
      When printers break down or simply run out of paper or ink, work stops until the problem can get fixed. MPS  includes proactive repairs and troubleshooting of printing problems. They also include the assurance that supplies get ordered before they run out. Avoid costly delays by making sure that printers are up and supplied at all times.
    2. Print more efficiently.
      Like any other business tool, printers should be used in the most efficient way. Print management professionals will examine the way that you currently use your printers and suggest ways to streamline your reproduction tasks in order to get work done faster and at a lower cost.
    3. Keep printers in service longer.
      Most savvy business owners get their vehicle fleets serviced on time in order to reduce the chance of an inconvenient and expensive breakdown. It only makes sense to have routine services performed on a fleet of printers. Printer managers make sure that printers get serviced on time and that small issues get fixed before they turn into big ones.
    4. Gather information about printer use.
      In this digital age, information gives companies a competitive edge. A Managed Print Provider (MPP) analyzes your usage. They can also supply you with reports about the way that your company uses your machines. This can help you spot trends that might highlight the need for changes in business processes.
    5. Attend to your real business. You don’t need to waste your time or the time of your highly paid professionals because paper needs to get stocked or the printer on the second floor keeps jamming. Typically, these services also cut down the time that IT needs to spend on reporting issues. You and your talented people can focus on business and not printer problems.

Our Managed Printing Services Save Clients Money. Inefficient use of reproductive machines can cut into a company’s profitability. In fact, the majority of printing expenses are incurred after printers are already installed. At Great Lakes Computer, we specialize in saving our clients money with Managed Print Services. Let us know about your company’s printing needs, and we’ll tell you how we can help.

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