POS systemRetailers have it tough. They need to be open when customers aren’t at work and that means weekends, nights, and holidays. They need to manage schedules, monitor inventory, analyze sales, and simultaneously meet and exceed the expectations of the customer. If they want any type of personal life, they need to do all these tasks at the same time while the shop is open. But, there is a way to streamline a huge portion of that workload – a Point-of-Sale (POS) system. Here are five ways POS systems can help you work smarter.

Cloud Functionality.

Modern POS Systems can function in a cloud environment. The cloud is a powerful tool that creates instant data backup and built-in disaster recovery. It allows managers to access that data anywhere. It can also connect the POS systems from multiple locations so your sales people can find the inventory a client needs, even if it’s not on site. The cloud also eliminates storage capacity concerns over in-house server equipment.

Employee Accountability.

POS systems assign each user a unique ID that is used whenever an employee accesses the system. This can help you keep track of who is selling what and how many dollars each member is driving. It also can help you identify those users that may need additional training in using the system or in sales. Having each employee accountable will also reduce the likelihood of shrinkage.

Inventory Accuracy.

POS systems adjust your inventory as you scan the items. When you sell a widget, your inventory automatically accounts for that. Real-time inventory accuracy can be a great asset for a positive customer experience. You may even have the ability to let customers know the date an out-of-stock item is coming back in.

Enhanced Reporting.

Your POS system software can provide a thorough and accurate picture when it comes to reporting. All of the data you need is in your system to be examined in the ways that help you work best. Being able to analyze the reports instead of spending lots of time compiling them will allow you to focus on improving the business.

Improved Efficiency.

When all of your data is centralized, current, and accurate, you can work more efficiently. You can work smarter. It’s simple.

Great Lakes offers POS System Repair and Maintenance

Great Lakes Computer ensures peace of mind with POS Systems uptime through our specialized on-site POS repair services. We fix the problem the first time and avoid costly interruptions to your business. We carry on-site spares to secure a quick and cost-effective response to your POS Systems repair needs. Our POS Depot Repair Services will provide you with a substitute POS System to keep you going while your POS equipment undergoes repair.

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