managed print servicesYou give your business the most value by sticking with your core competencies. Eliminating some of the other business functions through outsourcing can be a great way to free up your schedule to focus on the important parts. One commonly identified bottleneck in any business owner’s day is dealing with print-related issues. But, how do you choose the right Managed Print Provider? We suggest using these criteria:

1. How many years has the provider been in the managed print business? Longevity means they have happy customers that have kept them in business.

2. What type of printers are they trained to repair? If you have specialized printing equipment, like thermal printers. POS printers, or laser plotters, you need someone with expertise.

3. Do they offer regular maintenance? One of the best ways to reduce downtime and unexpected expenses is regular maintenance. Keeping your print equipment clean, updated, and in good working condition can help your equipment last.

4. Do they offer remote monitoring? Remote monitoring of supply levels means they can get your new toner to you before the old one runs out. It also allows you access to information you can use to reduce your print costs by telling you who is printing, what they are printing, and more. You can use this information to identify unnecessary printing operations and resource hogs.

5. Are they reliable? How quick can you expect service when a printer experiences a problem? You need to be confident they can get to you in a reasonable time frame, have a parts inventory at their disposal, and be able to offer you a temporary replacement printer in the event yours is not a quick repair.

Great Lakes Computer Corporation is a Managed Print Provider

Through our Managed Print Service, we will examine your document reproduction needs, streamline your work flow, and minimize your print costs by optimizing your print processes, helping you get the most out of this critical business function.

This service by GLC includes Toner along with repair and maintenance services, all for about the same amount you’re paying for an OEM Toner alone!

What you can expect:

• All inclusive plan: everything is included except the paper (i.e. toner, maintenance kits, all parts, labor, etc)

• Lower print costs with 10 – 30% savings on overall printing costs

• The program is billed on a “per page” basis, which means how much you pay per month will depend upon how much you print

• Preventative printer maintenance to increase uptime and reduce printer repair service calls

• Automated print supply ordering and trouble notification

• Less IT involvement with printing problems

• Precise management of print resources to control and reduce print cost

• Your printers are monitored remotely, enabling us to catch problems early and resolve them more efficiently. We monitor the toner level of a printer, any errors that are generated, as well as the page count. GLC can then produce various reports with information that gives you a better overview of your print operations, plus insights as to how you can further reduce your costs.

Let us take a look at your current print operations, and help identify where you can save – schedule a free, no obligation assessment today.