Printer RepairHas your printer reached the end of its life?

If you’re experiencing a need for one of these repairs, it has in most cases.

Check out some printer repair problems that show it’s more worth your time and money to buy a new printer instead:

1.    Ink Systems that Clog too Frequently:
Some printers are known to do this, and they can clog so often that the printer’s not even worth using. In reality, your ink system should never clog. So if it’s happening regularly, it makes more sense to get invest in a new printer.

2.    The Print Heads Need Cleaning Way Too Often:
You should be able to use your printer once every few days and it should work fine every time you use it. With some cheaply made printers, the print heads need cleaning if you don’t use them that often.
Don’t put up with the nuisance. Instead, get a new printer so your company can operate efficiently and effectively.

3.    You Have to Manually Perform Operations that Should Work Automatically:
Some printers for example, are so low in quality that you have to manually hit a button to feed the printer paper (this was the case with the now-ancient HP 5940). Don’t accept that with your printer. If it can’t perform basic operations without any trouble, it’s never going to help your business.

4.    Wireless Printers that Constantly, and Mysteriously, Lose their Connection:
Every once in a while, it is possible that a good printer loses its connection with your wireless network. About once every 3 months or so is an acceptable rate and it should be a simple fix to get it reconnected. However, if your printer loses connection more often than that, and you’ve confirmed it’s your printer that’s the source of the problem, trash it and get a new one. It’s not worth your time to constantly fix it and wireless network problems can be a time-consuming nightmare to fix.

5.    You Have to Constantly Reinstall the Drivers & Software:
Again, this is another unacceptable problem. You should never have to do this, unless you just bought a new computer or had to replace its hard drive.

The Moral of the Story: Only Buy High-Quality Printers

Regardless of the type of printer you’re buying, make sure you buy one that gets very good reviews. Look for 4 stars or more on most e-commerce websites and after you check out the printer itself, see what people say about the company. Printer problems happen on even the best pieces of equipment from time to time, so you want reliable customer service just in case something bad happens.

Running your business is so much easier when you have reliable equipment in place and trustworthy companies backing it.