CloudOver the years, cloud-based tools have gone from something of a niche to being used on a daily basis by some of the biggest organizations in the world. What are they though, and what makes them so hugely appealing to businesses?

Cloud IT solutions and based services, or cloudware, are delivered online rather than ‘on premise’ to help bosses cut down on IT and maintenance costs, as well as save space by ditching bulky, antiquated equipment, as it’s easily accessible from almost any device. The Cloud has been providing cutting edge solutions to businesses that are keen to move into this brave new world – a world where resources can be accessed by a click of a mouse, wherever you are. So what are the biggest and best cloud tools in the world today, and how can they benefit your business?

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the world’s best known cloud services. Operated by the internet behemoth, it allows users to log in with their Gmail account and access their files, with 15GB of free cloud storage being offered currently (although that is due to be waived for students, who will be able to store unlimited amounts of data – perfect for all of those essays)! It’s compatible with most operating systems on both mobile and desktop devices, making it arguably the most accessible and easy to use tool on our list.


Insightly is the perfect cloud-based tool for any business that is heavily focused on customer relationships. It allows users to keep track of their interaction with potential clients, and it sells itself as ‘the leading small business customer relationship management (CRM)’. With over half a million users in over 100 countries using and relying on Insightly each day, it certainly has the numbers to prove its popularity.


Evernote is a cloud tool that allows users to consolidate all of their files into one ‘workplace’. You can create text, audio and video notes and synchronize these across all of your devices – perfect for those who are on the go as much as they are at home. Essentially a tool that helps you to remember everything, it’s a great way of keeping everything all in one place, from dates and times of meetings to notes that could provide inspiration for a new project.

Salesforce is proving to be a real tour de force in the world of CRM and sales. It makes keeping track of leads the easiest job in the world, with the additional function of being able to see where you are ranked among your colleagues – ideal for those who need a little more motivation! You can also keep track of your marketing efforts too, so it’s multifunctional.


GoToMeeting is a leading conference cloud service, with its simple to use and high quality video making it extremely popular. You can use GoToMeeting to communicate with anyone in the world and you can record all of your interactions, perfect if you need to refer to them at a later date.

Can the cloud help you?

Now that you know about some of these great cloud-based tools, you might be tempted to give them a go for your own business. The world of cloud computing is vast, so it’s worth looking around and using comparison sites to ensure that you are really getting the best deal. With all the benefits of an in-house IT Support department yet none of the bulky equipment or the need for on-going maintenance, the future looks bright for cloudware!

Gary Gould is the Co-Founder of one of the first dynamic comparison websites for cloud delivered IT, communications and applications – Compare Cloudware. Gary has over 20 years’ experience in the technology and communications sector and has worked with leading brands such as Cisco, BT and Virgin Media.

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