5 Misperceptions of Agentless VMware Data Backup

VMware Data BackupAgents are small applications that are installed on a server to perform a particular function. Common examples are the agents that a backup application will install on a server to back up that server and provide specific support for the applications that run on it. Over the years agents have taken the blame for ‘misbehaving’ software applications and have become ‘persona non grata’ in many data centers. Written by George Crump, Senior Analyst at Storage Switzerland, LLC.

This anti-agent movement reached new levels with virtual server infrastructures. The marketing tirades against agent-based backups are exacerbated in the virtual environment where multiple virtual machines with specific resource requirements exist on the same host which has finite resource requirements. Agentless VM backup is a result of single-point VM backup tools performing VMware backup through the vStorage API. This creates a perception that agentless is lighter and better compared to agents, which are claimed to consume more CPU cycles for overhead and limiting the host resources needed to service requests for service.

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