PC repairInstead of calling in your IT support team, sometimes it’s quicker to fix your own issues.  However, this only goes for a few minor repairs.  In most cases, if something goes wrong, it’s better to contact the professionals.

Here are some easy computer repair tasks you can perform on your own:

1.    Remove Unwanted and Unnecessary Programs.  The technical term for this stuff is “bloatware.”  In most cases, you have a ton of this when you first purchase your computer.  However, you might also be the type who downloads a lot of programs.  If you are, your desktop may be littered with tons of icons.

To get rid of what you know is junk and is just annoying, go to “Search” in Windows 8 and type in “Control Panel.”  Then look for the “Programs” heading, and click “Uninstall a Program.”
A list of all the programs installed on your PC pops up.  Find the ones you know you do not need and remove them.  If you’re not sure, leave the program on there and contact a professional.

The fewer programs you have on your PC, the easier it is to use, and the faster its performance.

2.    Get Hardware Repaired.  As long as your equipment remains under warranty, you can still have it repaired free of charge.  If something’s not working, contact the customer service department and get the process started.  If the warranty time period has already ended, then you will have to get in touch with your computer hardware repair team.

3.    Keep your computer out of weather extremes and humidity.  Electronics don’t do well in temperature extremes.  Using them in unusually cold or hot temperatures reduces their life and especially so if the temperature changes rapidly.  If you have to transport a desktop or laptop PC, keep them warm in temperatures below 35F.  Humidity levels of 80% and higher can cause problems and possibly short circuits.

4.    Clean your keyboard.  This usually doesn’t affect the functioning of your computer, but it’s nice to have from an aesthetic view.  And if you’re just the clean type, then it’s definitely a good thing for you.  All you have to do is used compressed air to spray the surface off.  Then, follow this up by cleaning with a cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol.  To get the dust in between the keys, use a Q-tip.

Those are some simple things you can do.  And if you need regular maintenance beyond that, remember you can always hire an outsourced IT service.

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