Cloud MythbustersCompanies (especially law firms) of all sizes are adopting cloud computing on a greater scale than ever. But some firms have fears that are still holding them back.

Take a look at them, they may be familiar to you:

1. The Cloud Costs More Than Our Budget will Allow:

Most cloud apps charge an annual or monthly fee. The cost varies based on the number of users. Customer service using cloud apps, no matter how many users you have, is generally excellent. What’s great is that updates happen without you even noticing. Another benefit is that you don’t experience compatibility issues as you change devices. As you grow, you need more equipment, and more employee time for maintenance. With the cloud you don’t need to worry about this and you pay more up-front for doing things the traditional way.

2. Cloud Security is a Concern – I Prefer Paper:

Cloud service providers don’t last long if they don’t focus on security. Cloud apps have been analyzed for their security measures. You know how to question people, so pick your service provider’s brain. Leading cloud service providers have security that is stronger than paper storage. And think about what you’re going to do if your office experiences a disaster such as a fire or a tornado. With the cloud, your files are stored securely in multiple geographic locations far apart from one another. It would take the most catastrophic odds to lose all your data.

3. I’ll Never Get My Data Back If I Store it in the Cloud:

You can get cloud services that store both a local file in your office and a remote file in data centers across the nation. That way, you always have a copy of your data available to you. And it’s backed up just in case you lose your copy or entire backup.

The Cloud isn’t optional anymore! With cloud IT, your costs will decline, while service quality improves. It’s advanced enough to be solidified as a viable technological solution for all businesses and law firms. Make sure you choose the right IT support team to help you manage your transition to the cloud.

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